Bridal Entry Ideas!

Planning to make a unique entrance on your big day. We have some awesome ideas for your bridal entry.

1. Phoolon Ki Chaadar:

Walking under that gorgeous phoolon ki chaadar. We have some gorgeous and unique chaadar ideas to get inspired from.

A white and peach chaadar with mogras, lilies and carnations.

Image Credits: Studio Beunique

A gorgeous dome shaped chadar filled with multi- coloured roses.

Image Credits: Vintage Films Photography

A royal chaadar with exotic flowers.

Image Credits: Red Veds

A pretty pastel chaadar matching with the bride’s outfit. This one is lighter in weight, which makes it easier for people to carry it.

Image Credits: Red Veds
Image Credits: Mr.Gori Production
Image Credits: Studio Kelly Photography
Image Credits: Art Foto Studios

A dome shaped chaadar with fresh flowers and leaves.

Image Credits: Cine Love Productions

We are in love with this minimalistic chaadar, with pink and white roses. It is simple yet elegant. Perfect for a bride who would like to keep it subtle.

Image Credits: Evoke Pictures

With fresh flower hangings and kaleeras, these chaadars have a blend of floral and traditional look.

Image Credits: The Wedding Salad
Image Credits: Wedding Day By Atul
Image Credits: Picture Art Company

One with artificial flowers and latkans.

Image Credits: Coolbluez Photography

A chaadar made of baby’s breath and bells.

Image Credits: Makeup By Smita
Photography: Recall Pictures

2. Dance your way to the aisle:

3. A royal entrance:

A larger than life sort of an entrance, where you enter like a queen surrounded by a group of dancers, floral shower and fire shots.

Image Credits: Vandit Chawla Photography
Image Credits: The Story Weavers
Image Credits: Epic Wedding Carpet
Image Credits: Glorious Event
Image Credits: Coolbluez Photography
Image Credits: Safarnama Films
Image Credits: Mr.Gori Production
Image Credits: JD Photo Studios

4. Palki Way:

A ride in a palki, this is purely tradional and a classic way to make an entrance.

Image Credits: LibertebyHiral
Wedding Organizers: Waw Weddings
Image Credits: Blur Weddings

5. Arti Theme:

A unique Ganaga Arti inspired bridal entry.

Image Credits: Shyam Dhanani

6. Enter with SWAG:

Lets break the stereotypes and enter with SWAG , riding a horse. This one is for a super quirky bride. #bridechilla

Image Credits: Foto WalleStory Folks

7. Vintage Car Ride:

Entering in a vintage car. This one is some serious goals, it is stylish and classy and now its affordable to hire such cars for an awesome bridal entry.

Image Credits: The Picture Patch India

8. Boat Ride:

A boat ride, if you have a wedding near a lake. This will be an ideal choice to make an entrance.

Image Credits: Picture Perfect India

9. Let’s ride a scooty:

Riding a moped with your fur ball. This bride is giving us some major entry goals!

Image Source: Unknown

10. Floral Umbrella:

Walking under an umbrella with floral shower and colour pops around.

Image Credits: Sona Sachdeva Photography

Walking with the squad under a gorgeous floral umbrella.

Image Credits: Studio Kelly Photography

You can get such lovely umbrellas from: Floral Art By Srishti or Krafterina .

Image Source: Unknown

11. A walk with your mains:

A simple and sweet bridal entrance, walking with your parents. This one will always be our personal favorite.

Image Credits: Foto WalleStory Folks
Image Credits: Immense Vision

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